Native integrations made easy

Quickly build integrations within your software.
One API, multiple integrations.

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Your dev team will shortly fall in love ❤️

⌛️ Save the precious time of your devs
⚙️ Be focused on your own product
🚀 Make your integrations scalable

Easy to use
High security
Data encrypted
20+ connectors
GDPR compliant
Connect to Chift's API's and your software will be integrated with ...
We continuously build new connectors. If you can't find yours, ask us to add it

How it works ?

Integrations can quickly become a nightmare to build and maintain for a software company. It's complex and costly.

Instead, you integrate once with Chift's easy & future proof API.
This only connexion activates multiple native integrations.
Then, you let your clients connect your software to their stack in one click.

Don't reinvent the wheel and have a quick go to market thanks to integrations that work 🚀

Using one single API is so simple

It will amaze your customers. Guaranteed.

They will connect your SaaS to their stack in one (maybe two) click.

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