Chift helps developers  quickly build integrations

Build integrations easily & add connectors in 1 click

Connecting software
shouldn't be a nightmare

Creating a software is hard enough.
Building and maintaining integrations at any-time is exhausting. 
That's exactly why we created Chift.

Chift help developers to build integrations with speed

Discover how to implement chift in the click of a button

Easy to use documentation

At Chift we think like developers and we dev for developers. We have been through the hassle of building multiple integrations.

Technical work takes time, but most wasted time is on accessing and understanding the API documentation.

It’s now over thanks to our Chift unified documentation. Connect to all the tools by using one and only one documentation.

By the way, we built a specific dev tool to test the endpoints easily.

Embedded native integrations for a smooth user experience

Chift is invisible to your customers. They feel like the integration is native in your app. You can directly link our connectors to your marketplace or you can customize our white-labelled marketplace at your will.

Developer tools

Giving access to a nice doc and adding connectors in one click is good, but not enough.

We built a developer platform to test and create your integrations. Test the endpoints and directly get a response. It's like having an embedded Postman within our platform.

You can visualise your integration, all transactions and even manage potential errors. 

Eventually, you push from sandbox to production in one click.

Monitor your integrations

Chift makes your integrations visible.

Access a dashboard that gives a helicopter view on your integrations, the usage per clients, the most installed connectors, etc.

You can also go in details and visualise the API calls & transactions.

Give your developers SUPER POWERS

At Chift, our goal is to make financial integrations easy to build.
We are continuously adding features to make the life of developers easy.
Stay tuned !

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact us here so we can help.
What about support ?

Our mission is to make your life easy. A close, reactive and friendly support is essential to us.

How to connect to the API ?

You should contact us. We give you a test environment and guide you through our API documentation.

What is the pricing ?

The pricing evolves with the number of active connections. You should get in contact to receive a concrete offer.

Native integrations
made easy

Add native integrations to your software in one click!

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